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Oral Preparation Revision Day

The oral preparation revision day will prepare candidates for the oral exam by setting expectations for the day of their oral in terms of format, style and types of questions. The core subjects will be revised and guidance will be given as to how to focus revision for the Knowledge and Practitioner specialisms.

It is recommended that the course is taken approximately one week before the date of your oral exam to allow you a little time for extra revision.

Many candidates feel nervous about the oral exam, this is natural and we cannot combat this completely, but the revision day equips you well and will help to build your confidence.

The oral exam has its own syllabus which will be provided to delegates on the Oral Revision Prep day. This can also be found on the www.BCS.Org website

Course Format

This is a one day course and does not include the exam. You will need to register for the exam with the BCS and book this yourself. We will help you with the registration process on request.

The Oral Exam


The oral examination for the BCS International Business Analysis Diploma is taken by candidates on successful completion of a set of written/electronic examinations. It focuses on the application of their knowledge and also provides an opportunity to assess their interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Aims and Objectives

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis provides a professional qualification for business analysts. It sets a standard by which business analysts may be assessed. The purpose is to ensure that candidates have an applied knowledge of techniques.

This qualification is aimed at business and IT professionals who wish to demonstrate that they have a detailed understanding of business analysis best practice.

The entry criteria for this examination are:

Examination passes in the BCS Certificates in:

  • Business Analysis Practice
  • Requirements Engineering
  • One of the knowledge-based specialist modules
  • One of the practitioner specialist modules

At least one of these examination passes must have been achieved within 12 months of the date of the oral exam.

The exam will cover all of the above subjects and will be tailored to the individual depending on their practitioner and knowledge based specialisms.

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